OSG Seminar Manager

A Joomla! extension for seminar management

Help and Support

If you need support, you can use our free services - forum and documentation (available in English and German). Individual support is charged.

Please keep in mind that we have already spent hundreds of hours in the development and the improvement of the OSG Seminar Manager, that we make available to you free of charge.

By donating or order support from us, you can help us to maintain and enhance the component, which also benefits you in the long term.

Individual Support

Use our support for

  • Configuring the OSG Seminar Managers. e.g. for
    • Editing the invoice or email templates
    • Changing settings of the booking process
    • Adapting the registration form
    • Adding further price groups
    • ...
  • Editing the views in the frontend
  • Developing new individual functions
  • Or just talk with us about "how to..." for one hour.


Example: Editings of Frontend and Backend -
depending on the requirements 1 - 3 hours


Example: Editing of the booking form

   sman fe booking form  bf Anmeldeformular anpassen sman captcha einbau


Example: Editing of the course table

 bf Anpassung Kursbersicht2

bf Ansicht Kursbersicht

sman kurstabelle anpassen


Example: Editing of the backend view

If you is not enough information in the tables, you have the possibility to extend the backend views of us. Here is an example:

sman BE buchungen

Perhaps your are trying to solve a problem yourself for hours, for which we would routinely need much less time than you. A lot of configurations and adaptions can already be done in one or two hours (excluded functional extensions of the OSG Seminar Manager, of course).

If the forum and the documentation are not enough or fast enough for you, or you are lacking the time to acquaint yourself with the OSG Seminar Manager, we are happy to help you with our knowledge.


Our prices are fair and our service is reliable. For individual support we charge you for at least one hour and after that for every 1/4 hour.

Our hourly rate is 90,-€ plus VAT for 1st and 2nd hour, from the 3rd hour our hourly rate is 69,-€ plus VAT.