OSG Seminar Manager

A Joomla! extension for seminar management


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Latest Version: V2.8.1

Highlight of V2.8.1: Multiple tutors can be assigned to a course, copy of courses and sessions, sending emails with attachements and much more. More news about V2.8.1

Requires: Joomla! 2.5/3.x, PHP 5.3+

Download the OSG Seminar Manager from service.osg-gmbh.de


OSG Seminar Manager for Joomla!

A Joomla! Component for Training Providers

On this website we present you our Joomla!-component for training providers. You can isntall and use it at every Joomla! 2.5 or Joomla 3.x website (without any licence costs).




With OSG Seminar Manager you can manage events, dates, trainers and bookings. On your own website, you can offer a catalogue of your seminars. Your customers can book an existing seminar or register at a prospect list. The OSG Seminar Manager is based on the Course Manager 1.7. It has a lot of new features, error corrections and enhancements.




Different Possibilities to Present your Courses



  • For a course, you can show its content, course number, latest update date, hit, begin, end, details for each date with location, room number, a weblink for the location, target audience, number of seats and free seats, level, trainer and the application form
  • Using the menu, you have the possibility to show your prices on gross and net base. This can be optionally turned on and off.
  • Besides a basis price, you can add other prices for a course (e.g. different discounts for user groups). For each course, these price groups can be optionally shown, not shown or just be shown for certain user groups.
  • Additionally, you can show a price for a course in two different currencies.
  • For bookings, you can send an email to the customer, which has an automatically created invoice attached. You can send a copy of this email to another person in CC. Both templates (for the email and for the invoice) can individually defined and extended.
    A course is marked as full if there are no free seats available. You can also mark a course as cancelled.
  • The OSG Seminar Manager calculates the number of free seats and shows them to the user.
The Login Process / How to Individually Configure the Registration Form


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  • You have the possibilities to have customers book already existing courses (with dates, location etc.) or let them subscribe to a prospect list for a course.
  • Another application is a catalogue system, so that customers cannot subscribe using your website.
  • Decide yourself, if every customer visiting your website can subscribe to your courses, or if they have to login before they can subscribe.
  • Choose to show the login form in your registration form if required.
  • You have the options of letting a person only subscribe him/herself or also be able to subscribe additional participants to a course.
  • You can individually expand fields in the registration form. You can decide if fields are mandatory and fields can have different field types. For each field, you can show an explanatory text.
  • A checkbox can also be mandatory, e.g. if a customer has to accept the general business conditions.
  • If a customer books a course, you can show a booking summary on the next page. Here, a composition of the total price is shown (net price, VAT, total price). For booking more than one seat, the total price is shown.
  • You can show a forwarding to PayPal.


My Bookings and My Favorits
sman my bookings

sman booked courses

If logged in, customers can view their bookings and invoices in the frontend.

Your visitors can have a list of favourites from courses.
Display Tutors




  • Tutors can be linked to a new trainer profile, which also includes an overview of their courses.
  • You can also create a menu item for the new trainer overwiew, which shows all choosen trainers with a photo and a summary text. Clicking a button 'More' you can get a detailed profile of the trainer.


Trainer Administration

For the tutor profile, you can design your own user defined fields and show their content in the frontend.

  • Trainers can be linked to course templates, for which they are qualified. When creating a new course from a template, the system proposes trainers that are qualified for the course.
  • For creating a new trainer, you have the possibility to link the trainer to a Joomla! user or create a new Joomla! user.
  • Trainers can have restricted access to the backend to be able to administer their courses and bookings.
  • The following user groups come with the OSG Seminar Manager as a default:
    • SeminarManager (Full access to the OSG Seminar Manager functions in the backend)
    • SeminarTrainer (Restricted access to the OSG Seminar Manager functions in the backend)

Important Note: How to Inactivate the Tutor Profile in the Frontend

Further Functions

A notification email will be sent to the component email address if somebody performs a booking for the interested parties list

  • You can create templates for courses to easily create courses that are frequently repeated.
  • Trainers can be linked to courses.
  • Durch die Zuordnung der Kurse zu Kategorien können Sie die Kurse in verschiedenen Rubriken anzeigen lassen. Jeder Kategorie können Sie eine eigene Beschreibung hinzufügen.
  • Courses can be linked to more than one category, so that the courses are listed for different categories in the frontend. Each category can have its own description.
  • You can build several email and invoice templates and link then to different courses. Customizing these templates can be done without programming just using a convenient HTML editor.
  • For each course, you can choose the rate of value added tax, the email and invoice template, the minimum and maximum number of participants, and a course locations as well as show different price groups.
  • You can administer bookings and interested people lists.
  • Export your participant lists and other lists in pdf format.
  • Customers that have subscribed to an interested people list can be informed about new course dates via email.
  • Contact all or a single course participant(s) via email directly from the OSG Seminar Manager backend. It is also possible to create a group email address to which every email sent from the messenger system can sent as a copy (control / archive function).
  • All your user defined fields can be used in email or invoice templates
  • For courses without charge no invoices will be created.
  • Using different price groups, the difference from the basis price can be computed using factors (+/- %) or a constant value (/-).
  • The price in the second currency is computed using a factor from the basis price.
  • PayPal integration is realized with automated status update when incoming payment is detected (PayPal Starter, IPN)
  • Language support for German and English is given (different formats for dates included)
  • Other languages can be added by adding and editing two language files.
  • Prerequisites for a QM system are included as you can add points for attending a course.
  • CSV export - Booking data for a course can be downloaded in CSV format, so that you can edit the data locally.
  • Support of search engine friendly URLs.


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